Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions. 

Sourceman Inc. is a California company based in Pomona, CA.
Yes, many of the products we produce are under other companies' brands. We like to think of our B2B engagements as our bread-and-butter core business.
Many of our products are made of synthetic rubber foam materials such as neoprene, SBR, or NBR. We also use many types of fabrics - everything from polyester to cotton to lycra.
Shipping location depends on the product and the customer. For our B2B customers, we generally ship direct to your facility out of Shenzhen, China port. For our in-house brands, we ship from our Los Angeles based warehouse.
Our products are made in our facility located just outside of Shenzhen, China. We have been manufacturing high-quality goods in this facility since 1985.
You can email us at info@sourceman.com or call us at 1-562-690-8789. The Contact Us form via this website is also a good option.